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There are some questions about Albion online Final Beta FAQ,if you are some questions for ao online you can see the list!

Albion online Final Beta FAQ

There are some questions about Albion online Final Beta FAQ,if you are some questions for ao online you can see the list!

Albion online Final Beta FAQ

What happens during the Final Beta?
We will continue fixing bugs and implement more content. We will also determine what priorities for the next features we should set.

Will there be another wipe?
We will launch the servers again after the Final Beta, so that the release version starts with a clean slate.

What would this wipe entail?
All characters and guilds will be deleted (and our databases cleaned up. But that’s boring stuff). Afterwards, everybody starts from scratch.

What happens to my Founder’s Status and Gold Purchases after a wipe?
After each, your Founder’s status, any Gold purchases made through our website, as well as referral bonuses you earned, will be credited to your account again.

Will the Founder’s Pack be available after end of Final Beta?
We will stop selling our Founder’s Packs eventually. We will let you know when exactly that will happen ahead of time.

Can I upgrade my Founder’s Pack?
Yes you can. Just log in to your account and head on over to our shop.

What about recording / streaming footage of the Closed Beta?
Do it! We love seeing what people do in Albion. That’s also why we even have this fancy Forum to show off your results.

When does the Final Beta start?
The Final Beta test will start on August 1st for Legendary Founders, August 2nd for Epic Founders, August 3rd for Veteran Founders.

How long does the Final Beta last?
The Final Beta is planned to last around three months.

What's new in the Final Beta?
Head on over to the Update page to see whats new.

How long did the First Beta Phase last?
The Closed Beta closed on July 17th. Then, the Live Server went down in preparation for the Final Beta test.

How can I participate in the Final Beta test?
Head on over to the shop and grab a Founder’s Pack.

What about the Release Version?
You will of course be able to access the Release Version of the game with your Founder's Pack. If you don't have one, you will need a Starter Pack - a new type of pack that will replace our Founder's Packs around release.

Will there be extended server downtimes during this test?
Only if there’s an Alien attack or an earthquake destroying our servers. But seriously: unless anything catastrophic happens, we plan to keep the server online – apart from our daily sever maintenance starting at 10:00 UTC.

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